Sunny grew up on a native american reservation as the half white kid with the crazy mom.  She insisted that his father was the Sun himself.  His name means sun child.  Sunny was the nickname all of the children gave him mockingly.  In order to avoid giving them the satisfaction of hurting him Sunny took the name as if it were a beloved nickname given by friends.  As a child he only had one real friend.  The chiefton's daughter Adsila(blossom) had a crush on Sunny that he did not reciprocate because her father hated him for being hateful toward his own mother.  As soon as he was able Sunny left the reservation to go to the University of California studying foresic science.  Not used to socializing he poured himself into his studies.  One day he was noticed by a beatiful blonde sorority girl Helen, who decided that he was her new boyfriend.  Sunny was absolutely smitten, and was finally willing to open up and have some fun.  One night sunny comes by her room to suprise her.  He comes into her room to find her body pinned to the wall with a spear and her nightgown torn and disheveled.  Sunny pulled her down right as her father walked through the door.  Thus starts Sunny's manhunt.  The night after Sunny starts running he is visited by Hermes who explains that he is the son of apollo the Dodekatheon.  Armed with this knowledge Sunny rushes back to the reservation, knowing that the police will probably looking for him there, but needing to apologise to his mother for years of calling her crazy.  He comes to his house to find police tape surrounding the house.  His friend blossom informed him that his mother was dead, and that the police have blamed him for this murder as well.  Sunny goes to a place in the forest where his mother had taught him to bowhunt as a child before he stopped believing her about his father.  There he finds a package with birthrights left for him by his father and a note from his mother. which he keeps to this day.

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