God of Embalming, Judge of the Dead, and Keeper of Ammit and the Feather of Ma'at, Anubis is an imposing and infamous figure. Perhaps out of all the Pesedjet, Anubis is the most well known, despite having technically been demoted from his former position as King of the Dead by Isis, to make room for her undead husband, Osiris. He takes this in stride, however, and instead decides to focus on fixing the Underworld and bringing order to the mortal realm and his pantheon.

Most notably, he is the father of Elijah Chase , a Demigod who has been chosen by Fate to be a Hero. While Elijah's feelings towards his father may be strained, Anubis himself is proud of his son and his moral integrity. He sees his son's potential, but does not wish to coddle him as other deities seem to do. If Elijah is going to be strong, it will be of his own will and strength.

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