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Hades, God of the Underworld. Is not as somber as his reputation implies.

God of the Dodekatheon underworld of the same name, and married to the goddess Persephone, Hades is a compelling mythological figure. The oldest of three brothers, including Poseidon and Zeus, it is his responsibility to judge and manage the dead. Although he only met the Band late into their travels, he has had a keen interest in their adventures, and in particular sees the massive potential in Sunny.


Hades was the first God of Death to welcome the Band to the underworld, and he did so warmly. The Band's arrival was well timed, it seemed, as he almost immediately asked them to run a small errand. A Warlord operating out of Tartarus was amassing an army to make an offensive on Hades. However, instead of snuffing out the problem, Hades asked the Band to try and convince the Warlord to work alongside the God of Death, and push back Titan influence.

Outside of the major conflict, Wolfgang discovered that Hades possesses a rather casual sexual attitude, as he not only allowed, but joined into a sexual tryst between them and Persephone. Some guess that he would not have permitted the encounter without his involvemnt.

He has bestowed several gifts on the Band, as a reward for completing his request. Many of which imply that he holds great faith and trust in the Band, and is interested to see what they will do in the future.

Powers and InfluenceEdit

There are few who command powers over death like Hades, and fewer still who have such a reputation to be as stingy and protective of their realm. But it is because he is so protective over the souls of the dead, that he hoardes them so obssesivly. 

Of course, he is also a powerful warrior, like his brothers, but out of them he is the most patient, and perhaps the most cunning. With powers over darkness, and equipped with his Helm of Invisibility, Hades prefers stealth and guile over brute force. This attitude makes him feared and respected amongst his pantheon, and over the centuries has bred this foolish idea that Hades wants to be left alone.

As well as being a god of death and darkness, Hades is also a god of the sub-terrainian earth, ruling everything beneath the surface. That includes gems, jewels and other precious stones and minerals, making Hades a god of wealth as well.

Unfortuantely, like most older gods, worship has waned over the years. New souls are rare, and sacrifices in his name are non-existent. However, withthe actions of Sunny and Nico, people are starting to beleive in the Dodekatheon again, and so some mortals have begun enacting the proper funeral rituals to cross the River Styx. While this in no way makes up for the lost opprotunities in years past, it is possibly a sign of a new golden age for the dead, and Hades is pleased to know that he is amongst the first to benefit.

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