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The Ghede Goddess of Betrayal, love lost, and tragic circumstances. Born Elizabeth Saturday, she is the daughter of Baron Samedi and Theresa Saturday, and therefore the older half-sister of Lola.


As a goddess, she has made herself a permanent addition to Baron's home. Not having made enough of a personal impact in the hearts of mortals, her legend has been subsumed by her fathers, which makes her a facet of Baron Samedi's personality. She is his femininity, as well as his rage and jealousy. While still a seperate person with her own thoughts, her goals and opinions are greatly influenced by her father. In truth, she doesn't fully realize that she was ever her own person at all, once upon a time.


Initially, she was an antagonist of Lola's, hunting and haunting her at every opprotunity with her zombified fiance, Beau. She lost track of her quarry, however, when Lola moved to New York.

In the intervening years, she wandered, hunting, until she happened to meat Hank Bridges, leader of the Guardians. For the first time in a long time, she started to wonder what else she could do with her powers, in a constructive way.

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Powers and Involvment[]

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