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Scion: Bravery Cycle is a story told with White Wolf Publishing's "Scion" role-playing game, made into a podcast for your listening pleasure. Scion is about the children of the Ancient Gods of Mythology, and their struggles against the Titans, now free of their prison. This story is no different, as a Band of Heroes in the modern world protect mortals from the monsters of lore.

The BandEdit

Elijah Chase ; Scion of Anubis; Deputy U.S. Marshal and Hero - 

Lola Espejo ; Scion of Tezcatlipoca; Sex Symbol and, well... A really good sex symbol

Ampona "Sunny" Hotah ; Scion of Apollo; Wandering Avenger and Emo Pretty Boy

Wolfgang Vo ; Scion of Beowulf; Cold Vigilante and overall surly mother fucker

Shi Gu Shi ; Scion of Sun Wukong; Master Craftsman and Human Meat Mountain

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